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  • We are exploring the Kay project, which is a deposit of copper, zinc, and gold.

  • We are drilling 3-inch holes to test the rock underground.

  • We are not mining or blasting, only exploring to test the size and value of the deposit.

  • So far the deposit is relatively small—about 1,000 feet long and 100 feet thick—and lies completely below the surface.

  • If this deposit were to be mined, it would only be mined underground, not as an open-pit mine.

  • Any future mining that occurs on the project would be years from now, after a rigorous permitting process.

  • Water used for drilling comes from private wells, and water is recirculated while drilling.

  • We have also done surface work like soil and rock sampling, and some geophysical testing.

  • Previous exploration and mining between 1900 and 1984 left mine shafts and tunnels (now closed). Rock piles from some of these workings can be seen from town.


  • All activities are being conducted to the highest standards in coordination with all state and federal regulations, including under the Bureau of Land Management and the Arizona Department of Water Resources and Regulations.

  • We have posted a reclamation bond prior to any drilling.

  • Exploration drilling does not use any harmful chemicals and drill water is acquired only from private wells.

  • We are striving to be the best community partners possible, including through the improvements of roads and trails, and in the future, the creation of hundreds of high paying jobs. 

  • All these steps will take years and will be done in close consultation with and input from all interested parties, including the local communities.

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